Companies and institutions

Light and Health makes special treatment plans for companies and institutions.

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Companies have an interest in getting their employees to quit smoking. Especially in terms of costs. Light & Health organizes, in consultation with the company, meetings at the workplace where employees can be helped on the spot. As a result, the company has a positive influence on the health of the employees. In practice this is experienced as very positive by the employees. Of course, all details are carefully discussed and planned together.

This way, gyms, golf clubs and other sports associations can also provide an added value to their members. Light & Health also makes ready-made arrangements for the club and its members.

Usually the arrangements create a win-win situation for the club and its members and the companies with their employees. The companies and clubs earn the respect of their employees and their members. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Do you know what you could save within your organization?

My company has workers, of which approx. percent smokes
This costs my business hours per year*.

* Based on four 10-minute smoking breaks per day, assuming 235 working days.

Did you know that…

when an employee is on sick leave, he/she continues to receive his/her salary and that the costs of possible dismissal are borne by the company? 

“Mijn medewerkers zijn een stuk fitter en productiever geworden na de behandeling om te stoppen met roken bij Light and Health.”

Don't you want your employees to quit smoking too?

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